Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney: Red and Green Flags and How to Stay Informed; with Divorce Attorney Alyssa Honickman

Guest appearance on Moms Moving On Divorce and Co-Parenting Podcast 11/7/2022

Alyssa Honickman discusses with Michelle Dempsey Multack 

Confident Chaos Podcast

Alyssa D. Honickman is the co-host of Confident Chaos Podcast along with Dr. Tiffany Sizemore. The Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Buzzsprout, Stitcher, and Spotify.

In this hilarious podcast, Dr. Tiffany and Lawyer Lisa share raw secrets of their professional and personal lives and discuss how confidence is learned and how to deal with the crazy chaos of life!

Here are some of the relevant podcasts for family law. Enjoy listening to these episodes and hopefully you will laugh out loud while dealing with some chaos in your own life.

Who, What, Where, When of the Big D….ivorce!

How to Handle the Work Life IM-Balance!

Dealing Confidently with Conflict!

Narcissism and CoDependency

Family and Kids Chaos

What is a Superwoman? What does she do and how does society define her?

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