We often receive phone calls from clients asking a variety of questions. The following questions and answers demonstrate some common concerns of clients who are involved in family cases. If you would like to request further information about any of the topics below, please call the Law Offices of Alyssa D. Honickman at 954-761-2522.

This list was written and approved by Alyssa D. Honickman, Esq. The following is for informational purposes only.

Please refer to Fla. Statute 61.13001

Please consult an attorney prior to filing a petition to relocate. You will need a skilled, professional attorney to prepare this type of pleading on your behalf. At the Law Offices of Alyssa D. Honickman, we have successfully litigated relocation petitions and received orders allowing our clients to relocate with their children. On the other hand, we have also defended petitions and legally argued that the relocation did not meet the best interest of the child standard.

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